What are the differences between the charts ?

There are 3 charts made to calibrate spherical optics : the YOTTA chart, the EXA chart, the TERA chart. They are essentially different in size. They all have the same drawings distributed symmetrically on their surface with the same quality of printing. The 3 charts have the same technical characteristics as well as the same options: mirror, ColorChecker®, magnetic zones, spirit level.
The Peta charts is used to test anamorphic optics.
The Mega chart is a so-called verification chart. It does not allow complete testing of optics and professional cameras.

How to know which chart should I choose?

Several criteria must be taken into account :
– The type of optics to test. To test the anamorphic optics, the choice is simple because there is only one model, the PETA chart of dimensions 158×72 cm. There are 3 sizes of charts that can be used to calibrate spherical optics: TERA (55x90cm), EXA (73x125cm), YOTTA (92x158cm).
– The type of camera you use, often related to the types of projects filmed (feature film, commercials, videos, documentaries, …). The Yotta chart will be better suited for larger 8K full frame with sensors of a diagonal greater than 40mm, as it will cover the entire image at an optimal test distance. The Exa, excellent compromise, will be perfect for 4K / 6K cameras with sensor of a diagonal around 30/35 mm. The Tera will be perfect for smaller cameras.
– The space you have to test your cameras. It may sometimes be more interesting to choose smaller charts rather than a large one.
– Your budget.

Why are the P.A.T. charts more expensive than their competitors ?

If the competing charts belong to the past, the P.A.T. charts belong to the future.
For the first time on the market, here are charts thoughts by Men of Action for Men of Action. Unlike its competitors, the P.A.T. charts have all the technical elements and comfort to earn 1/4 of your time on your workday. But also, the P.A.T. charts are the first, and to date the only, to offer such a quality of printing. Their resolution, superior to that of an optical projector, also exceeds that of the best sensors on the market. So yes, they are more expensive than the competing ones. But how do you see your business : by buying cameras and optics of the last century, or by seeking the latest novelties at the forefront of technology, for years to come ?

What is the lifespan of a chart ?

The ink is protected by a special film. Used indoors and without aggression of the sun, the contrast of the drawings over time will be very little altered and will always be excellent for the best success of your camera tests. Regarding its accessories and other technical characteristics (aluminum frame, mirror, etc.), it will depend on your use and the care you bring to it. This is a real test tool.

Are the tariffs decreasing if I buy several charts ?

Yes. In order to best help you to equip all your camera test bay, we have implemented a degressive system according to the quantities purchased, regardless of the models of charts you order.

Can I customize my chart with the logo of my company ?

Yes. A location is specially provided for this purpose. The personalization of the charts is part of the magnetic zones that can be found in the accessory kit. Just send us a file of your logo : vectorized format .pdf or .eps, or pixellated .jpeg or .png, 300 dpi of 10 cm minimum width.

Why dissociate charts and accessories?

The chart and its technical attributes serve to optimize the camera tests: print quality, matte coating, magnetic back and aluminum peripheral frame for perfect flatness. The options do not come directly into play in the technical result of your camera tests. They represent more of a gain in identity and time: personalization, annotation zones, mirror and color chart.

Can I upgrade my charts by the options later?

It is not possible to change the charts once ordered and received. The different options (mirror, ColorChecker®, bubble, annotated annotation zones) must be defined at the time of the purchase of your chart. For example, the locations on the charts are carefully magnetized by us if you want the annotation and customization areas magnetized. Otherwise, these surfaces will be white, simply covered with the protective film of the test pattern.

Am I obliged to buy all the accessories ?

No. You can choose the accessories you want. However, in order to make you benefit from the best for your camera tests, we deliberately propose the complete kit of accessories at a very attractive price if it is bought in addition to a chart.

I want to order more than one chart but do not need to have a ColorChecker® for all charts.

And that’s normal. That’s why we offer the accessory kit with and without ColorChecker®, cheaper of course. In addition, for any purchase of a complete kit of accessories, we offer you the fixing pellets of the ColorChecker® on your next 3 charts during the same order.

How to hang my charts on my camera test bay ?

The P.A.T. charts were thought for ease of use and for the design of the space. No need for adhesive or screws ; the back of the sights is magnetized integrally. The magnet was chosen so as to ensure a good hold of the chart on the wall while leaving the possibility of moving them without too much resistance. 1/3 of the surface of a chart allows it to hold on a metal plate. From there, you have 2 possibilities: to have a metal wall or, we recommend to paint your wall with magnetic paint.

Can P.A.T. train me to use the charts ?

Of course ! We are at your disposal to answer all your technical or other questions. You can contact us by mail pat@pat-acc.com or by phone at +33 (0) 6 60 47 58 13. You also have the possibility to send us a message via our CONTACT page.

How long to receive my charts ?

It takes between 2 to 4 weeks before shipping an order. Depending on your geographical location, transportation can take between 1 to 6 days.


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