Prêt à Tourner is the first company that have created and developped sharpness charts specially designed to calibrate 8K sensors and over.

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Our charts are products of action for men of action ! We are directing this to all camera rental companies and every companies that need to calibrate at best lenses and cameras, witch also have the concern with …



All our charts have the indispensable tools and aid to realize the best camera tests. You don’t have to take the chart off the wall. Everything you need is here.

The P.A.T. Charts makes you win 30% of your precious time thanks to all the tools and its usability.

You win time, you win convenience, you win productivity, you win money.



But that does not end what makes the Prêt à Tourner Charts so unique.

We offer you the possibility to get a real technological head start on the tests of your cameras and lenses.

As a matter of fact, we found the way to print the very small to allow you printing 250 pairs of lines per millimeter on your sensor, filming the entire chart in full frame. We are the first one to reach that impressive high level of printing on formats 150 cm width.



The Prêt à Tourner charts are essentials, they need to be beautiful on your walls. All the tools serve technology but materials and designs that compose the charts have been thought to emphasize your spaces. Most of all, your printed logo on each charts make them fully yours in your company premises.

Useful and beautiful chart to create beauty. Our main concern is ultimately the same as yours : create beautiful pictures to make beautiful movies.

… & WHY !

But you need to know how the Prêt à Tourner Charts were born.

« Prêt à Tourner » means « Ready to Shoot ». You can find that very popular sentence on every call sheets in France.

My name is Stéphane Paillard. I was camera assistant for more than 12 years, then operator and Steadicamer for 3 years.

I had the opportunity to work on wonderful technological and human adventures. I loved so much that time !


My investment on the movie The Last Trapper, in 2003-2004, has been a very exciting and rewarding experience.

I had the responsibility of running cameras and the entire equipment in the 50 below and less… without any safety on set.

Many months of preparation, thinking in how being as useful as possible, thinking and anticipating potential problems, creating tools with one idea : my equipment has to run as efficiently as if it was in normal weather conditions.

And this has always been the purpose of all my professional investment. Being as efficient as possible to be as quick as possible on set. If the speed of my work can offer 1 shot a day to the production, to the director, the movie can only be better. I always made a point of honnor that nobody can wait for me. And I have created many tools to help me in my job.

I stopped working on set in 2013 to be closer to my family. Then, again with the aim of assisting people, I started a communication company, still operating today.

At the same time, I started thinking to a tool I was using during all my carreer as assistant, all over the world. I have never been satisfied by one those tools, a perfect camera sharpness chart and never had time to develop the one I wanted to work with.

And it became clear. The pieces of the puzzle were in front of me :


I will create the first Camera Sharpness Charts that can be personalized, with a printed quality on large formats in advance on camera’s technology, full of all essentials tools and aid to help the users and the movie industry.

Prêt à Tourner was born !

This name seemed obvious to resume the line of products.

Before being on the market, every chart has been tested by many camera assistants.

Aurelien Dubois can be related to the technical coordinator. Its still active involvement as camera assistant on sets is today one of the strenghts of the Prêt à Tourner line.

Prêt à Tourner seeks out companies that share our concern for quality, effectiveness and the sense of well done work.

The compatibilty between the P.A.T. Charts and the OPTI-GLIDE by MYT Works seems obvious. This system is a highly configurable slider system designed for a variety of precision positioning applications including the charts from Prêt à Tourner.